Arachnology Department


Latrodectus renivulvatus
Black Button Spider Latrodectus renivulvatus

Research in the Arachnology Department is concentrated on the medically important spiders in the genus Latrodectus (Theridiidae), the genera Cheiracanthium and Cheiramiona (Eutichurgidae) and the genera Loxosceles and Sicarius (Sicariidae) of the Afrotropical Region.  Other research projects include studies on spider biodiversity and rare forest spiders of the genera Eriauchenius and Afrarchaea (Archeaidae), the distribution of Opiliones in southern Africa and the taxonomic revision of the South African Pseudoscorpionida.

SANSA (South African National Survey of Arachnida) projects:

  • Opiliones of the Free State Province - completed in 2002
  • Opiliones of southern Africa - completed in 2009
  • Spiders of the Free State Province - ongoing
  • Scorpions of the Free State Province – ongoing
  • Pseudoscorpions of South Africa - ongoing

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