Arachnology Department

Loan Policy

Conditions of loan

The acceptance of material on loan implies that the following conditions have been accepted:

  • Loan material must be handled with the utmost care and must be securely packed for return by insured or registered mail.
  • National Museum specimens described as holotypes, paratypes, allotypes or some other category or type, or used to supplement the description of a new taxon or the redescription of an existing species, are to be clearly labeled as such, and must be returned.
  • All labels and numbers given to specimens/objects must be retained and under no circumstances should any of these be discarded or altered. Where applicable the catalogue numbers of specimens/objects must be given in descriptions.
  • The National Museum must be credited in any publication when referring to this material. At least two copies of any such publication must be sent to this Museum.
  • Without express permission no specimen or object may be altered, dissected, prepared, restored, cleaned or treated — either by mechanical or chemical means.
  • Casting of specimens/objects is only allowed under specific conditions. Permission therefore must be obtained beforehand.