Collections Management

Loan Policy

The acceptance of material on loan implies that the following conditions have been accepted:

  • The National Museum retains the right to shorten the loan period or to retrieve the loaned material.
  • Loaned objects must be insured against damage, loss and deterioration. The institution accepting the loan is responsible for the insurance costs whilst the objects are in their possession. This includes transport from and to the National Museum.
  • Without the express written permission of the National Museum no material may be altered in any way, dissected, repaired, restored, cleaned or be treated.
  • The National Museum must be credited in any exhibition in which the borrowed material is used.
  • Under no circumstances can labels and other foreign objects be attached to objects to adjust or exhibit the objects. Foreign material includes pins, screws, nails, magic or mirror tape etc.
  • Objects must be protected against natural light, reflected light, Ultra-violet light, Infra red light, humidity, insects and other pests. Ultra violet sleeves must be in use over fluorescent tubes.
  • The National Museum should be informed of any changes relating to the responsible person(s) or management of the loan institution (within a month).
  • All labels and numbers given to material must be retained and under no circumstances should any of these be discarded or altered.
  • Photos may not be removed from their frames or mountings and the National Museum must be credited for the use of such photographs in publications.
  • The National Museum must be credited in any publication in which the borrowed material is used.  At least two copies of such publications must be sent to the National Museum.
  • When borrowed material is returned it must be packed in precisely the same way as it was received by using the same packaging materials.
  • Written permission to lengthen the loan period must be done fourteen days (14) before the expiring date of the loan.
  • All objects, excluding glass and ceramics, must be handled with white cotton gloves.
  • The loan material must be handled with the utmost care and respect.