Ornithology Department


Senior Museum Scientist
and Head of Department

Dawid de Swardt is a National Museum Staff Member in the Ornithology department

Dawid H. de Swardt MSc    dawie [at] nasmus [dot] co [dot] za

Dawie joined the Ornithology Department in 1988 assisting Dr. Roy Earlé with his research on South African Cliff Swallows, as well as other swallow and swift species. Dawie was also involved in a long-term project on Gurney’s Sugarbirds in eastern Mpumalanga and it was not long before a study was also undertaken to investigate the movements of Malachite Sunbirds in the Free State. Other research projects include a behavioural study on the Northern Black Korhaan, behaviour and vocalization of the African Rock Pipit and assisting Rick Nuttall with his projects on cisticolas, white-eyes and estrildid finches. Currently a project on the Karoo- and Drakensberg prinias in the Free State and adjacent areas is undertaken, concentrating on areas of possible overlap. Dawie has a National Diploma in Nature Conservation (1987) and National High Diploma (Foresty): Conservation from Saasveld, George (now Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Univeristy, George Campus, Saasveld) (1995). His thesis on Gurney’s Sugarbirds “Aspects of the behaviour and ecology of Gurney’s Sugarbird Promerops gurneyi Verreaux, 1871 in Protea woodland, South Africa” earned him an MSc (1998). Bird ringing also forms an integral part of research projects and more than 13 000 birds have been ringed since 1987. Dawie has also been involved in the first bird atlas project (1988 -1992) and currently in the SABAP2 project. He is also responsible for collection and curation of the bird collection, representing mostly Free State birds.


Lotz Morapedi is a National Museum Staff Member in the Ornithology department

Lotz Morapedi

Lotz is, since 1983, a General Assistant in the Ornithology Department. He is mainly responsible for the preparation of research specimens that involves the preparation of bird specimens as study skins as well as skeletal specimens and the subsequent curation of it. He also assists with research projects such as bird ringing and collecting.