National History Museum


Museum Scientist and Head of Department

Shiona Moodley is a National Museum Staff Member in the Rock Art department

Shiona Moodley MA    shiona [at] nasmus [dot] co [dot] za

Shiona Moodley is Head of the Rock Art Department. She completed her MA in Archaeology majoring in Rock Art Studies at the Rock Art Research Institute at the University of Witwatersrand in 2004 and shortly thereafter began working at the National Museum. Her research focus is initiation rock art in the Limpopo Province, community rock art projects in the Quthing District in Lesotho and the rock art of the Baviaanskloof in the Eastern Cape.

Senior Research Assistant

Jens Kriek is a National Museum Staff Member in the Rock Art department

Jens Kriek BA Hons    jens [at] nasmus [dot] co [dot] za

Jens Kriek is a Research Assistant in the Rock Art Department. He completed a BA Hons in Archaeology at the University of Pretoria in 2001. After working on the Woodhouse Rock Art Collection at the Centre for Indigenous Knowledge at the University of Pretoria, Jens moved to the Rock Art Department at the National Museum. He assists with fieldwork, especially site location, recording and tracing. Jens is responsible for all the Rock Art Department collections, including literature, photographic records, historic copies, tracings, redrawings and historic documents. Jens is experienced in handling public requests and tourism issues. He has also published a series of popular rock art tourism articles.