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The Education Department aims to:

  • Inform the general public about the cultural and natural heritage of our country and so to enrich their minds.
  • Serve as an educational resource for schools and adult educational institutions in a supportive and enriching way.
  • Attain the above goals by means of guided tours of the Museum displays and discussion-style lessons and demonstrations, using objects and PowerPoint presentations. These educational activities are founded on the knowledge and research of Museum scientists and objects in the Museum collections.
    Furthermore, appropriate resource material is made
    available to aid teachers and learners.

Invitations to Lessons for Third Quarter 2019

Grades R to 3 | Animal Senses & Insects - PDF   English and Afrikaans

Grades 4 - 9 | Energy & Electricity and Ancient Egypt - PDF  English and Afrikaans

Grades 10 - 12 | Fossils & Evolution - PDF  English and Afrikaans



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