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Culna, previously known as National Museum News, is a popular magazine with articles written by Museum staff members on topics related to the Museum. It is published at the end of each year, and distributed free of charge to all schools and Libraries in the Free State Province and to interested members of the public who subscribe to the magazine.

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Volume 72 Nov. 2017View ISSUU Edition

CULNA 72 Contents PDF 1 MEG



Volume 71 Nov. 2016View ISSUU Edition

CULNA 71 Contents PDF 1 MEG


DE GRAAFF, B. & BOTES, M. Ek, Goliath Yzerbek. pp. 3-5 PDF 3.6 MEG

GOITSEMODIMO, G.A. Mural Art in South Africa. pp.6-7 PDF 2 MEG

NEETHLING, J.A. The Eight-legged Actor - The character we all love to hate. pp. 8-9 PDF 2.5 MEG

DU BRUYN, D. 'No liquor for me, I only take tea!' The story of the Independent Order of True Templars foundation stone in the Batho exhibition.  pp. 10-11 PDF 2.6 MEG

HAASBROEK, H. Marie Visser - Eerste Bloemfonteinse vrouestadsraadslid. pp. 12-13 PDF 2 MEG

HUGO-COETZEE, L. Mites at the beach.  pp. 14-15 PDF 2 MEG

HAVENGA, S. The patter of tiny feet.  pp. 16-17 PDF 1.9 MEG

PRETORIUS, T. The Tattoos of Otzi the Iceman.  pp. 18-19 PDF 2.8 MEG

DU PLESSIS, E. The gun that won the west - The story of the Winchester rifle. pp. 20-21 PDF 2 MEG 

KRIEK, J. Public rock art sites in southern Africa: Farm Aar Geo Park, Namibia.  pp. 22-24  PDF 5 MEG


International Museum Day

Heritage Day

Vêrlander Exhibition






Volume 70 Nov. 2015View ISSUU Edition

CULNA 70 Contents PDF371 KB


DU BRUYN, D. Bloemfontein se Kristallnacht - 13 Mei 1915. pp. 3-5 PDF 2.7 MEG

NEETHLING, J.A. The secret lives of pseudoscorpions. pp. 6-7 PDF 2 MEG

HAASBROEK, H. 'n Plein, is 'n plein, is 'n plein - Hoffmanplein weer opgetooi. pp. 8-10 PDF 2.4 MEG

DU BRUYN, D. A garden is not a garden without a hedge - the story of the Segoe family's Batho garden. pp. 11-13 PDF 2 MEG

KRIEK, J. Public rock art sites of southern Africa - Erindi Private Game Reserve, Namibia. pp. 14-15 PDF 2 MEG

DU PLESSIS, J. Updating the red list of the mammals of South Africa. pp. 16-17 PDF 1.7 MEG

GOITSEMODIMO, G.A. Music and dance in Africa. pp. 18-19 PDF 2.9 MEG

COETZEE, L. Die alomteenwoordige myte. pp. 20-21 PDF 1.6 MEG 

PHILIP, L. Message in a bottle - clues in glass. pp. 22-23 PDF 1.9 MEG

AVENANT, N. Die Grasveldbioom, vuur en klein soogdiertjies. pp. 24-25 PDF 2.5 MEG

LETSATSI, P. The life of Khuduga Edwin Koloti - liberation struggle stories from Batho. pp. 26-27 PDF 1.7 MEG

BOTES, M. Historiese Ramkraal-tronk - gedoem tot vernietiging? pp. 28-30 PDF 2.5 MEG

DU PLESSIS, E. Hoe langer die oorlog, hoe korter die rok - die invloed van die eerste wêreldoorlog op damesmodes. pp. 31-33 PDF 1.9 MEG

MAKHUBO, B.G. Phylogenetics and the discovery of cryptic species. pp. 34-35 PDF 1.8 MEG 


Nuwe Nasionale Museumgebou 100 jaar oud

National Science Week 2015

Operation Giraffe 


CULNA NEWS / NUUS pp. 40-47 PDF 6.7 MEG


NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2015 pp. 52-53 PDF 2.7 MEG


Volume 69, Nov. 2014

CULNA 69 Contents PDF 487 KB


HAASBROEK, H Vlieëweek in Bloemfontein. pp. 3-5 PDF 700 KB

LE ROUX, E., MALAN, L. & DE KOCK Y. Dora Scott - An extraordinary woman. pp 6-7. PDF 546 KB

DU BRUYN, D. Colour me Batho - A township's true colours. pp. 8-10. PDF 1.25 MEG

DU PLESSIS, J. Rooijakkals- en rooikat-bestuur en die rol van predatore in 'n ekosisteem. pp. 11-13. PDF 932 KB

COETZEE, G. Sprinkane - Die agtste plaag. pp. 14-15. PDF 766 KB

DU PLESSIS, E. Weapons that changed the face of World War I. pp. 16-19. PDF 1 MEG

CODRON, J. Would culling really fix the 'elephant problem'? pp. 20-21. PDF 709 KB

KRIEK, J. Public Rock Art Sites - Mokala National Park. pp. 22-23. PDF 1.32 MEG

HUGO-COETZEE, L. Soil mites on guard. pp. 24-25. PDF 724 KB

BOTES, M. Kwaksalwery en kure in die laat 19de-eeuse Bloemfontein. PDF 527 KB

LETSATSI, P. The uncertain future of Bloemfontein's Fourth Raadsaal. pp. 28-29. PDF 692 KB

CODRON, D. Recreating the past - Lifestyles revealed by fossils. pp. 30-31. PDF 619 KB

HAVENGA, S. Albert Meyerhof - An 'enemy alien'. pp. 32-33. PDF 1.68 MEG

BATES, M.F. The Southern African Reptile Conservation Assessment (SARCA) and the Atlas and Red List of the Reptiles of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. pp. 34-35. PDF754 KB

LETSATSI, P. Batho's liberation heritage - The story of Lehlohnolo Cambridge Moloisane. pp. 36-37. PDF 582 KB

DU PLESSIS, E. Blankets for royalty - The story of the Basotho blanket. pp. 38-39. PDF 817 KB


Batho exhibition opened.

Museum tractors restored.


CULNA NUUS / NEWS pp. 42-49 PDF 2.4 MEG

PERSONEEL / STAFF pp. 50-52 PDF 1.06 MEG


Volume 68, Nov. 2013

CULNA 68 Contents PDF 400 KB


BISHOP, S. Volcanic South Africa. pp. 3-5 PDF 2.2 MEG

GOITSEMODIMO, G.A. Southern African basketry. pp. 6-7 PDF 1.3 MEG

DU BRUYN, D. Mother Emma's new world - An Anglican nun in Bloemfontein. pp. 8-10 PDF 2.2 MEG

COETZEE, L. Grondmyte en die stryd teen waterhiasinte. pp. 11-13 PDF 2.2 MEG

BOTES, M. Oddfellows en Buffaloes - Minder bekende organisasies in 19de-eeuse Bloemfontein. pp. 14-16 PDF 2.3 MEG

DU PLESSIS, E. Voorlaaier van die Voortrekker. pp. 17-19 PDF 2.2 MEG

HUGO-COETZEE, L. What's in a name? From Hitler to the vuvuzela. pp. 20-21 PDF 1.6 MEG

HAASBROEK, H. Francis Reitz - Eerste voorsitter van die Nasionale Museum se bestuurskomitee. pp. 22-23 PDF 2.2 MEG

NEL, E. O ... Koekemakranka! pp. 24-25 PDF 1.4 MEG

AVENANT, N. The bats of Lesotho. pp. 26-27 PDF 1.2 MEG

COETZEE, G. Bulhoek, meer as net 'n feesterrein. pp. 28-29 PDF 1.3 MEG

DE SWARDT, D. The Egyptian Vulture - A tool-using bird. pp. 30-31 PDF 1.6 MEG

HAVENGA, S. Bottoms-up! The story of tankards. pp. 32-33 PDF 1 MEG

DU BRUYN, D. The storyof a township garden. Mogrey's family recollections. pp. 34-36 PDF 2.4 MEG


Restourasiewerk op Florisbad. p. 37

Die Groot Trek - 175 jaar. p. 38

Uncovering the slow origin of mammals. p. 39

Picture perfect: Photographing a kitchen for the Barho exhibition. p. 40




Acarologists and the Soil Ecosystem research Group. p. 43

Aragnoloog woon kongres in Taiwan by. p. 43

Batho Project staff visit Belgium. p. 43

Biodiversity and global change in Southern Africa. p. 43

Rooi-datalys vir spinnekoppe. p. 43

Director attends Pan-African Ornithological Congress. p. 44

Belge besoek Museum. p.44

Herpetologist attends conference in Pretoria. p. 44

Entomology receives funding for digitization. p. 44

Field work in the Western Cape. p. 44

Field work in Namibia and Zambia. p. 45

Joint field excursion for Ornithology. p. 45

Museum reaches out to Batho on Mandela Day. p. 45

Mammalogy contributions at conferences. p. 45

Museum Research Associate assists with Swiss research camp. p. 46

Mammalogy collaboration. p. 46

Museum staff attend heritage course in Grahamstown. p. 46

Navorser besoek Israel. p. 46

Palaeontologist attends international palaeohistology symposium. p. 47

Snake awareness and venomous snake handling course. p. 47

Pre-schoolers at the National Museum in 2013. p. 47

South African heritage Resource Information System. p. 48

Specimens of family of rare flies discovered in the Western Cape. p. 48

Visitors to the Mammalogy Collection. p. 48


Appointments / Aanstellings pp. 49-50

Graduations / Grade ontvang p. 49

Retirements / Aftredes pp. 50-51

Long Service Awards / Langdienstoekennings



Volume 67, Nov. 2012

Culna 67

CULNA 67 Contents PDF 368 KB


HAASBROEK, H. Hillandale - 'n Bloemfonteinse plaas met historiese voetspore. pp. 3-5 PDF 1.1 MB

DOUGLAS, R. Whistling Thorn Acacias and their ant defenders. pp. 6-7 PDF 870 KB

LOTZ, L. Bogstories oor spinnekoppe. pp. 8-9 PDF 513 KB

DU BRUYN, D. Miss Coplestone's Schoolroom pp. 10-11 PDF 795 KB

VAN STADEN, A. Karnivoriese plante - omgekeerde eetgewoontes. pp. 12-14 PDF 1,07 MB

BISHOP, S. Far more than just black dirt ... pp. 15-17 PDF 666 KB

BOTES, M. "Bridge over troubled water" - Bloemfontein se ou stadsbrûe. pp. 18-20 PDF 834 KB

BATES, M.F. Monitors - giants of the lizard world! pp. 21-23 PDF 1.35 MB

GOITSEMODIMO, A. Changes in Sotho pottery. pp. 24-25 PDF 585 KB

HUGO-COETZEE, L. Die kortafstand ... vir insekte. pp. 26-27 PDF 730 KB

LETSATSI, P. Batho's street names - a rich historical reference. pp. 28-29 PDF 572 KB

AVENANT, N. Rooikat- en jakkalsprobleme: die rooies, die groenes, die blindes en die opportuniste. pp. 30-32. PDF 1.06 MB

COETZEE, G. Blik, jou ou doring! p. 33 PDF 494 KB



Acarology Conference in Vienna, Austria. p. 36

World Conference of Herpetology in Vancouver, Canada. p. 36

Head of Rock Art has book published. p. 36

Twee personeellede benoem vir Bloemfonteiner van die Jaar-wedstryd. p. 36

Visitors to the Mammalogy Collection. p. 36

Guest Editor of special issue of African Invertebrates. p. 37

Ornithology Conference in Port Elizabeth. p. 37

Besoek van Britse rolprentspan. p. 37

Mammalogy Research collaborators. p. 37

Mammalogy Contributions at conferences. p. 37

Fischer-biograaf neem deel aan sesde Franschhoek -letterkundefees. p. 38

Belgiese dosent besoek Museum. p. 38

Research Associate appointment, University of Washington. p. 38

Astronomy fair. p. 38

Zaza besoek Museum. p. 38

Pasella at the Museum. p. 39

Unearthing the past. p. 39

Honorary Research Associate - Jacqueline Codron. p. 39

Honorary Research Associate - Daryl Codron. p. 40

Historikus ontvang Sala-prys. p. 40

Collaborative white-eye research. p. 40

Birds of Prey seminar at De Hoop Nature Reserve. p. 40

Research visit by world authority on muscid flies. p. 40

National Science Week highlights. p. 41

Secretarybird fitted with satellite transmitter. p. 41

Return visit by staff of Museum of Southwestern Biology, New Mexico, USA. p. 41

Museum accessible for the blind. p. 41

Museum gedenk Titanic-tragedie. p. 42

National Museum does it for Mandela Day. p. 42

Workshops for educators. p. 42

Holiday programmes at libraries. p. 42

Oliewenhuis Art Museum Educational activities. p. 42

How many visitors do we get at the Museum? p. 43

Museum on the move. p. 43


Appointments p. 44

Graduations p. 44

Retirements p. 45

Long service awards p. 45


Volume 66, Nov. 2011 Culna 66

CULNA 66 Contents PDF 374 KB


BOTES, M. "Oprechte Schulpad Sop en Dronkmaak Koek" Bloemfonteinse eetgewoontes in die laat 19de eeu.  pp. 3-5 PDF 775 KB

LETSATSI, P.  South Africa's Hip-Hop Heritage. pp. 6-7 PDF 1.4 MEG

AVENANT, N. Muise, muise ... net waar jy kyk.  pp. 8-9 PDF 436 KB

KRIEK, J. Public Rock Art Sites of Southern Africa.  Ha Baroana, Lesotho. pp. 10-11 PDF 1,06 MEG

COETZEE, L. Myte - het ons hulle nodig?  pp. 12-14 PDF 1 MEG

MARAIS, I. What is an e-book?  p. 15 PDF 382 KB

LOTZ, L. Spinnekop-legendes. pp. 16-17 PDF 1.03 KB

GOITSEMODIMO, G.A. Madimo: Truth versus Fiction. pp. 18-19 PDF 608 KB

HAASBROEK, H. Bram hier, Osama daar! pp. 20-21 PDF 525 KB

HUGO-COETZEE, L. Living Soil. pp. 22-23 PDF 710 KB

VAN STADEN, A. Skulpe - onbewoonde huise van die natuur. pp. 24-25 PDF 590 KB

DU BRUYN, D. Eric Lamb (1909-1980): Bloemfontein's Gentleman Nurseryman. pp. 26-27 PDF 776 KB

COETZEE, G. Dalk gedink dit is net 'n geroete ou blik? Aikona! pp. 28-29 PDF 818 KB

BISHOP, S. A brief history of Gondwana. pp. 30-31 PDF375 KB

BOTHA-BRINK, J. John Nyaphuli - The life story of an extraordinary man. pp. 32-33 PDF 783 KB


News from Oliewenhuis. p. 34

Fischer-boek sien die lig. p. 35

Boekedag p. 35

Museum Education department presents workshops for educators. p. 35

Belgian students gain experience at Museum. p. 35

Research at the Erfkroon fossil locality. p. 36

World's rarest fly re-discovered. p. 36

Research visitors to Entomology Department. p. 36

Librarians meet at the National Museum. p. 37

National Museum celebrates Mandela Day. p. 37

Mammalogist visits Germany. p. 37

Samewerking met Universiteit van Limpopo. p. 37

Versamelingsbestuur bied werkswinkels aan. p. 37

Nuwe mikroskoop vir Department Akarologie. p. 38

African Small Mammal Symposium, Swaziland. p. 38

'n Helpende hand vir Kindersorg. p. 38

Besoek van Volksblad-redakteur. p. 38

International Symposium on Palaeohistology. p. 38

International visitors. p. 39

Kwiltwerke in Freshford-huismuseum uitgestal. p. 39

Visitor at Palaeontology. p. 39

International collaboration. p. 39

Museum expertise employed by Heritage Free State. p. 39

Soil ecology workshop. p. 40

Loodglasvenster herstel. p. 40

National Science Week at the National Museum. p. 40

Pasella besoek die Nasionale Museum. p. 41

National Museum goes Hip-Hop for Heritage Day. p. 41

Visit to European museums. p. 42

SAMA Conference. p. 42

Freshford-huismuseum: Foto-kompetisie en -uitstalling. p. 42


Retirement p. 42

Long service awards p. 43

New appointments p. 43



Volume 65, Nov. 2010  Culna 65

CULNA 65 Contents PDF 311 KB


KIRK-SPRIGGS, A. The Boyekoli Ebale Congo expedition 2010. pp. 3-5  PDF 1,5 MEG

PHILIP. L. Pseudo-archaeology ... blame it on the aliens! pp. 6-8  PDF 2,1 MEG

HAVENGA, S. Charles Newberry and the Prynnsberg Legacy. pp. 9-11 PDF 736 KB

DOUGLAS, R. An amazing symbiotic relationship between the Sugar-pot Plant and rodent pollinators. pp. 12-13  PDF 797 KB

HAASBROEK, H. Die Fischer-honde. pp. 14-15  PDF 604 KB

DE SWARDT, D. Karoo and Drakensberg Prinias - the difference is in the spots! pp. 16-17  PDF 897 KB

GOITSEMODIMO, G.A. A cross-cultural view into the games of South African children. pp. 18-19  PDF 576 KB

AVENANT, N. & VON KASCHKE, M.  South African involvement in managing the Mondulkiri Protected Forest, north-east Cambodia. pp. 20-21 PDF 830 KB

BOTES, M. Bloemfontein se President Brand Rifles - 'n "aan die brand"-vrywilligerskorps. pp. 22-23  PDF 673 KB

BISHOP, S. New Zealand, moas and giant eagles.  pp. 24-25  PDF 429 KB

DU BRUYN, D.  The Batho heritage route. pp. 26-27  PDF 792 KB

LOTZ, L.N.  Identifikasie en benaming van spinnekoppe. pp. 28-29 PDF 694 KB

MARAIS, I. The Rosetta Stone - key to understanding hieroglyphic script.  pp. 30-31  PDF 1,2 MEG


          Lectures on biodiversity. p. 32

          Bird identification course. p. 32

          International Congress of  Acarology. p. 32

          Diski-partytjie. p. 32

          Museum staff receives degrees p. 33

               Lloyd Rossouw

               Elize Butler

               Patrick Letsatsi

          Researchers from Welsh university accompany Herpetology Department on field trip. p. 33

          In Conversation - Albert Luthuli & Nelson Mandela. p. 33

          International Congress of Dipterology, Costa Rica. p. 34

          Museum scientist receives recognition. p. 34

          National Museum involved in international research in Namibia. p. 34

          National Museum co-hosts international conference. p. 35

          Die Nasionale Museum vier Mandeladag. p. 35

          Mobiguide. p. 35

          Head of Education attends Nanoscience and Nanotechnology summer school. p. 35

          Mobile Museum visits Burgersdorp for International Museum Day. p. 35

          National Museum takes part in National Science Week 2010. p. 36

          National Museum celebrates the history of Free State soccer. p. 36

          Première shown at the National Museum. p. 36

          Visitor numbers at the Museum during 2010. p. 37

          Quaternary palaeontologist visits United States. p. 37

          Tornado tref Florisbad Kwaternêre Navorsingstasie. p. 37

          Congratulations. p. 37.

          Assistance to the national insect collection. p. 37

          Tydelike uitstalling van ons nasionale simbole. p. 38

          Buitelandse besoeker by die Departement Versamelingsbestuur. p. 38

          Nasionale Museum help NALN. p. 38

          Congress of the Palaeontological Society of Southern Africa. p. 38

          Head of Education wins award at the 74th Annual South African Museum Association Conference. p. 38

          Kongres van die Suid-Afrikaanse Vereninging vir Kultuurgeskiedenis in Bloemfontein aangebied. p. 38

          News from Oliewenhuis. p. 39

               Visit to galleries and museums in Johannesburg.

               International Museum Day.

               Walter Meyer, ten years later.


               Mbongeni Buthelezi.


          Langdienstoekennings / Long service awards. p. 40

          Nuwe aanstellings / New appointments. p. 40


Culna Volume 64, November 2009

Volume 64, November 2009

CULNA 64 Contents  PDF 386 KB


BATES, M.F. The egg-eating snakes of Africa. pp. 2-4  PDF 1,9 MEG

DU BRUYN, D.  A green and growing art - the topiary gardens of Batho. pp. 5-7  PDF 877 KB

AVENANT, N. Mammals of Lesotho. pp. 8-10  PDF 1,2 MEG

HAASBROEK, H.  ‘n Ambulanskorps vir die Vrystaatse rebelle. pp. 11-12  PDF 1,4 MEG

BISHOP, S.  Too ‘real’ to be real. How the ‘people’ in the Museum’s displays were made. pp. 13-14  PDF1,1 MEG

LOTZ, L.N.  Spin-spin - waar het spinnekoppe leer spin? pp. 15-16  PDF 1,5 MEG

HAVENGA, S. The telephone - “talking by lightning”. pp. 17-18  PDF 429 KB

HUGO, L.  Describing new species – how it is done. pp. 19-20  PDF 444 KB

BOTES, M.  “Mad Owen” – een van ou Bloemfontein se kleurrykste karakters. pp. 21-22  PDF 392 KB

DOUGLAS, R. The Scuttle Fly – a miniature garbage disposal unit. pp. 23-24  PDF 347 KB

COETZEE, G.  Vaalbank – eens ‘n plek van feeste, nou vergete. pp. 25-26  PDF 1,2 MEG

KIRK-SPRIGGS, A.H.  A major initiative on Afrotropical flies. pp. 27-28  PDF 805 KB

COETZEE, L. Ongewone bedmaats – huisstofmyte. pp. 29-30  PDF 1,9 MEG


A remarkable discovery of an extinct giant zebra. p. 31

Special visitor at Freshford House Museum. p. 31

Raad van die Nasionale Museum 2009. p. 31

Mobiguide. p. 31

First of three Darwin exhibits at the National Museum “Transitions and Extinctions”. p. 32

Belgian students participate in Museum project. p.32

Development of the fly collection. p. 32

African Diptera sorting facility. p. 32

Another National Museum researcher achieves NRF rating. p. 33

Soogdierkundige woon kongres in Argentinië by. p. 33

SAMA conference. p. 33

Eerste raadsaal en Waenhuismuseum kry nuwe baadjie. p.34

Visitors at the Mammalogy Department. p. 34

Head of Education at Museum attends African Science Communication Conference. p. 34

Museum’s participation in the International Year of Astronomy (ITA 2009). p. 34

News from Oliewenhuis p. 35

     Timbuktu: Script and scholarship exhibition.

     PPC Cement workshop.

     Sanlam Decade.

     Andrew Verster, Past/Present

          Herpetological Association of Africa Conference. p. 36

          Museum staff members receive degrees. p. 36

          Navorsers van Pretoria besoek Departement Geskiedenis. p. 36

          50th Anniversary Conference of the Zoological Society of Southern Africa. p. 36

          Mobile Museum’s first evaluation trip. p. 36

          Learners recycle feathers into christmas tree decorations. p. 37

          Professor J.J.R. van Pletzen 24 Julie 1922 – 27 Oktober 2009. p. 37

          First annual workshop – University of the Free State and National Museum. p. 37

          National Museum council members attend Department of Arts and Culture Induction Workshops. p. 38

          Fotokompetisie. p. 38

          ABET training. p. 38

          40 Years at the Museum. p. 38


          Langdienstoekennings 2009. p. 39

          Nuwe aanstellings / New appointments. p. 39

          Night at the Museum. p. 40


Volume 63, November 2008

CULNA 63 Contents  PDF 476 KB


MOODLEY, S. Rock art for sale? pp. 2-3  PDF 690 KB

AVENANT, N.  'n Museum vir gestremdes. pp. 4-6  PDF 1,3 MEG

DU BRUYN, D.  The Batho community history project.  pp. 7-8  PDF 535 KB

LE ROUX, E.  The cement and mosaic project at Oliewenhuis Art Museum. pp. 9-10  PDF 499 KB

HENDERSON, Z. & KOORTZEN, C.  Maloti Drakensberg transfrontier project. pp. 11-12  PDF 2,8 MEG

WESSELS, E.  Oliewenhuis-biblioteek. p. 13  PDF 425 KB

BISHOP, S.   Fallen from the heavens. pp. 14-16  PDF 632 KB

HUGO, L.   Goggas in die water. pp. 17-18  PDF 1,2 MEG

UYS, T.  Ammunition dumps of the Anglo-Boer war. pp. 19-20  PDF 580 KB

GOITSEMODIMO, A.  Traditional healers of Clarens. pp. 21-22  PDF 750 KB

HAASBROEK, H.  Bram Fischer en 'n seun soos Paul. pp. 23-24  PDF 493 KB

HAVENGA, S.  Exploring N'wana. pp. 25-27  PDF 2,5 MEG

COETZEE, G.  Welkomskraal - die raaisel verdiep. pp. 28-30  PDF 1,2 MEG

BATES, M.F.  Lang's Crag Lizard in the Free State. pp. 31-32  PDF 951 KB

DU PLESSIS, E.  Die bewapening van die twee Boererepublieke voor en tydens die Anglo-Boereoorlog 1899-1902. pp. 33-34  PDF 399 KB

PHILIP, L.  Garbology ... just a load of rubbish? pp. 35-36  PDF 591 KB

BOTES, M.  Bloemfontein se beroemde (of berugte?) wit perd.  pp. 37-38  PDF 392 KB

KRIEK, J.  Public rock art sites of southern Africa: Ha Liphapang, Lesotho. pp. 39-40  PDF 950 KB

LOTZ, L.N.  Hou die booswigte buite. Spinnekoppe se veiligheidshekke. p. 41  PDF 419 KB


          Museum 2007 instansie van die jaar. p. 42

          Fischer-doger open uitstalling. p. 42

          Visitor from Texas at Florisbad. p. 42

          Inauguration of the lift. p. 43

          Besoekers aan die Departement Soogdierkunde. p. 43

          Sensitiwiteitsopleiding deur die Vereninging van Persone met Gestremdhede. p. 44

          Mokgahl'a Thesele visits Museum. p. 44

          Introductory course in ceramic conservation. p. 44

          Belgiese studente help Museum met Batho-projek. p. 45

          Herpetology conference in Brazil.  p. 45

          Visitor at the Florisbad Quaternary Research Department. p. 45

          Gemeenskapsprojek deur die Nasionale Museum. p. 46

          Antarctica roadshow. p. 46

          Museum ornithologists attend 12th Pan-African Ornithological Congress. p. 46


          Nuwe aanstellings / New appointments. p. 47

          Langdienstoekennings / Long service awards. p. 48

          Aftredes / Retirement. p. 48


Culna 62 CoverVolume 62, November 2007

CULNA 62 Contents  PDF 82 KB


AVENANT, N. Forum - Rooikatte en Rooijakkalse - Is daar hoop vir kleinveeboerdery in Suid Afrika? pp. 3-5  PDF 680 KB

DU BRUYN, D.  Voices of the Past – The National Museum's oral history projects. pp. 6-7  PDF 485 KB

BISHOP, S.  To make an Elephant. pp. 8-9  PDF 489 KB

BOTES, M.  Hoe ry die poskar hop hop so… pp. 10-11  PDF 444 KB

BATES, M.F. Cape Cobras and Mole Snakes – Heavyweights of the Free State snake population! pp. 12-13  PDF 474 KB

MARAIS, I.  The Willow Pattern. pp. 14-15  PDF 414 KB

HUGO, L.  The sex life of soil mites. pp. 16-17  PDF 312 KB

HAVENGA, S.  Shweshwe. pp. 18-19  PDF 386 KB

HAASBROEK, H.  Die stryd om gemengde baaiery in Bloemfontein. pp. 20-21  PDF567 KB

MOODLEY, S.  Public Rock Art sites in the Free State: Oldenburg – the place of the eland. p. 22  PDF 237 KB

COETZEE, G & UYS, T.  The identification of objects from an Anglo-Boer War rubbish dump. pp. 23-25  PDF 633 KB

ROSSOUW, L.  Cereal for breakfast? Direct evidence of grass in the diet of Later Stone Age people. pp. 26-27  PDF 403 KB

SEAMAN, H. Carl Linnaeus – His life and achievements. p. 28  PDF 260 KB

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Soogdierkundige woon kongres in Oxford by. p. 37

Nasionale Museum lewer bydrae op die vierjaarlikse African Small Mammal Symposium. p. 37

Researchers from the National Museum attend international conference in Australia. p. 38

Internasionale Aragnologie-kongres. p. 38

First contact between the National Museum, Bloemfontein and the National Museums of Kenya, Nairobi. p. 38

Exciting fossil find. p. 39

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National Science Week 2006. p. 33

The National Museum receives a valuable donation from the Natural History Museum in Paris. p. 34

Museum op DVD bekendgestel. p. 34

The oldest person to visit the Museum!! p. 35

The Florisbad skull gets its name back. p. 35

The new Archaeology hall and the 1969 moon landing. p. 36

Openingspreker by werkswinkel. p. 36

Archaeology Department: Collaborative research project. p. 37

Besoek aan Verenigde State van Amerika. p. 37

Besoekers aan die Departement Ornitologie. p. 37

Canadian palaeontologist visits the Museum. 38

Kongres in Viëtnam bygewoon. p. 38

Acarology conference in Amsterdam. p. 39

Besoek aan Spanje. p. 39

Preservation on a shoe-string. p. 40

Visitors at the Archaeology department. p. 40

Textile conservation workshop held at the National Museum. p. 40

Besoekers aan die Departement Soogdierkunde. p. 41

Konfyt vir Freshford. p. 41

Long service awards. p. 41

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Historikus van museum skryf boek oor Cecilia Wessels. p. 31

Staff attend Reptile and Amphibian Congress. p. 31

Doktorsgraad toegeken. p. 31

Keramiekrestorasie by die Nasionale Museum. p. 32

National Museum palaeontologist attends International Congress. p. 32

Paper conservation course 19-29 July 2005. p. 33

Besoek aan Japan. p. 33

Spinnekopkongres in Bloemfontein. p. 33

St Nicholas' Children's Hospice art activities at Oliewenhuis Art Museum. p. 34

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         Lizard in a pipe! p. 31

        Oliewenhuis, "abuzz" with activity! p. 32

        Ons eie vlag! p. 32

        "Special" lessons attract thousands. p. 33

        Rock Art did their bit! p. 33

        Museum Paleontologist probes Bird Origins abroad. p. 34

        Florisbad is weer in die nuus. p. 34

        Veels geluk: D. de Swardt behaal M.Sc graad. p. 34

        Internasionale Museumdag vir 1999 skitter! p. 35

        Welkom! Nuwe personeel by Nasionale Museum. p. 35

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        Visitors to Archaeology Department. p. 33

        Speelgoeduitstalling. p.33

        Freshford: Bruidstabberds van 1830-1960 in Freshford-huismuseum uitgestal. pp. 33

        Opgradering van Florisbad-navorsingstasie. p. 33

        First discovery of human fossil material at the Cornelia-Uitzoek locality – c. 700 000 years old. p. 34

        Personeel presteer. p. 34

        Nuwe personeel. p. 34

        Museum on the move. p. 34

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Rock Art Department achieves a world first! p. 7

Rare engraving of extinct bird track found in Australia. p. 7

Gabriel Tlhapi wins UNESCO award to attend Rock Art course in Zambia. p. 7

‘n Reënwoud in ‘n Museum? p. 13

Besoekers. p. 27

A Ph.D. for Zoë. p. 27

Nuwe personeel. p. 27

Dr. Lynch groet. p. 27

Oliewenhuis and the community. p. 30

Restorations and renovations to an underground reservoir at Oliewenhuis Art Museum. p. 30

Granaat Rock Festival. p. 30

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Direkteur tree af. p. 35

New Director for the National Museum. p. 36

Personeel van Departement Geskiedenis woon SAVK-kongres by. p. 36

Conference of The South African Society for Systematic Biologists. p. 36

Finalis in die Bloemfonteinse Instansie van die Jaar-kompetisie. p. 37

Aktiwiteite by Soogdierkunde. p. 37

Philippolis outreach. p. 37

OFM and the Volksblad visit Florisbad. p. 37

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Director visits Hungary. p. 35

Acarology symposium in Germany. p. 35

Besoeker aan die departement Aragnologie. p. 35

Besoek aan Tanzanië. p. 35

Nuwe aanwinste: Oliewenhuis-kunsmuseum. pp. 36-37

Education department news. pp. 38-39

New appointments. p. 40

Head of Education Department reitres. p. 40

Museum guides. p. 40