National History Museum

ANC Centenary

ANC Centenary temporary exhibition

On 8 January 2012 the African National Congress (ANC) celebrates its 100th birthday. To commemorate this historical moment in South Africa’s political history, the National Museum has put up a display on the history of this political organisation. The display consists of banners that tell the history of the ANC by means of a timeline with certain key events highlighted. A fascinating aspect of the display is the information on the real founding venue of the ANC in Bloemfontein that was discovered by one of the National Museum’s historians, Dr Hannes Haasbroek, in 2002. Photographs of the founding venue, namely the Wesleyan School in Fort Street, Waaihoek, as well as a description of the events of 8 January 1912, provide interesting reading for the visitor. The display is further enhanced by books and documents on the ANC and its leaders.