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Lectures on Biodiversity

Lectures on Biodiversity - NASMUS

The year 2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity. The series of public lectures presented by the National Museum, in partnership with the University of the Free State, comes to an end during October with the last two lectures presented by Prof. Seaman and Dr Zietsman.

Prof. Maitland Seaman, Centre for Environmental Management, University of the Free State, will talk on the influence of climatic variability on wetlands of the dry west. The drier it is, the greater is the variability in climate. And if we have climate change, there’s the added probability of hotter conditions and greater evaporation rates, even if the rainfall stays the same. The survival strategies that organisms have are dependent on the ability, maybe genius, in handling temporal and spatial variability, connectivity and isolation (refuge). The presentation will attempt to illustrate the environmental context of the arid zone, and the general problems faced by natural communities, especially those of temporary pans.

The last presentation in this series will be by Dr Ziets Zietsman, Botanist at the National Museum and well known nature photographer. He will present an audiovisual slide show titled “Kalahari biodiversity in a nutshell”. Dr Zietsman’s outstanding photos are not to be missed.

The presentations will take place at 19:00 on Thursday 14 October in the Reservoir at Oliewenhuis Art Museum, 16 Harry Smith Street. Light refreshments will be served after the lectures and car guards will be present. Entrance is free, but as space is limited, please book in advance at direk [at] nasmus [dot] co [dot] za or phone Shirley at 051 447 9609.

Foto: Ziets Zietsman