National History Museum

New Batho exhibition takes shape

The new Batho exhibition currently under construction in the National Museum is making good progress.  A team of experts, including Jeanine Visser of the Museum’s Design Department and staff members of the Museum’s workshop, are working long hours to construct, among other things, a replica of a typical Batho house.  The objective is to recreate the atmosphere of an old Batho street scene complete with red brick buildings and a gravel road.  Multimedia hardware and sound equipment, sponsored by the Flemish Government’s The Power of Stories Project, will also be incorporated into the display, so that visitors can be offered an interactive museum experience.

The exhibition will be officially opened on 6 December 2013.  The opening function will be attended by Mr Bruno Neuville and two colleagues from Thomas More University College in Mechelen, Belgium.  There has been a long-standing collaboration between the National Museum and Thomas More University College since 2008, and the opening of this exhibition is one of the highlights of this collaboration.