National History Museum

Recreating a Batho red brick house

A permanent exhibition on Bloemfontein’s oldest existing township, Batho, is currently taking shape in the National Museum. The objective is to recreate the atmosphere of a typical Batho street scene. One of Batho’s characteristics is its English-style red brick houses. In order to recreate a typical red brick house, the Museum’s Design Department teamed up with the Archaeology Department’s Dr Lloyd Rossouw to make a mould of a section of a wall of a typical Batho house. A silicone mixture was applied to the wall in layers and then allowed to cure. The silicone mould will be used to make a master mould that will be used to cast resin ‘bricks’ for the Batho house.  The photo shows Jeanine Visser (designer, left) and Lloyd Rossouw (archaeologist) applying the silicone mixture to the wall of the Batho house.